SA 8000 certification

The Social acceptability of the work practices that are used in a business is a very big issues and concern for the companies nowadays. Nowadays the companies need to acknowledge that the working environment provided by them is of the best safe and socially acceptable. The companies must keep in mind that the working environment has a great impact on the performance and efficiency of the employees and in order to get the best performance the companies must evaluate the social accountability of the practices adopted by them at the workplace. The SA 8000 certification is a standard certification that is helpful for the companies in evaluating the work practices and disciplinary actions and ensnaring that they are providing a healthy and nice working environment to the workers that is socially acceptable. The standard is internationally accepted and was developed by the Social Accountability International. The SA 8000 certificate was basically developed to provide a common language to the companies and businesses for evaluating the social accountability of their actions. SA 8000 Certification and Accredation Standard, Social Accountability Management System Certification in UK.

The SA 8000 accreditation is provided to the companies and organizations from a third party certifying body that has got approval of the social accountability accreditation services. The fundamental principles of the standard are mainly governed by the basic norms of the international human rights commission. In addition to that, the standard also includes the universal declaration of human rights by the United Nations and the fundamental guidelines of the international labor organization. There are mainly eight different key factors that are evaluated during the SA 8000 certification process that are the prohibition of child labor in the company, ensuring health and safety of the employees, the intensity of the disciplinary actions taken in the company, discrimination, collective bargaining, forced labor, and working hour.

Otabucert certification for the standard is granted to the organization after evaluating the various factor state are considered to be important for social accountability. Once the company fulfills all the, SA 8000 certification requirements, it is granted the certification which is valid for three consecutive years. In these three years, the annual audits are conducted to verify the compliance of the company with the norms of the standard. The time this taken by the certifying authority of the certification, depends on the time taken by the company for implementation of all the requirements of the certification.

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