FCC certification

Electronic goods are widely used all over the world for different purposes. These electronic goods emit electromagnetic interference that may interfere with communication devices and can cause communication problems. When an electronic good is being sold and marketed in the United States, then it has to comply with some essential standards to ensure that the electromagnetic radiations that are being emitted by the device are under the controlled limits. For this, the products need be tested and then certified by an authorized laboratory as well as the certifying agency. The FCC certification is meant to provide the guidelines about the conformity of the electronic goods to the norms that have set by the Federal Communication Commission of United States. The FCC certificate is recognized worldwide as the mark of conformity for limited electromagnetic interference. When a label is fixed on the products, then it declares that the electromagnetic interference created by the products is under the limits set by the FCC.

The FCC accreditation is mainly applicable to the companies that are involved in eth manufacturing of different electronic products such as computers, television receivers, low power transmitters, monitor screens, personal communication devices and many others. The FCC certification requirements include that the product manufacturing process is properly regulated through the essential norms which ensures that the products will be under the set limits of the electromagnetic radiation emission. The FCC Certification process is a very complicated process in which the company is required to contact an authorized laboratory to conduct the necessary tests on the products to ensure that the radiations emitted by the products are under the limits set by the FCC. Once the test is completed, the product is provided the test report which can be reproduced against the certification agency which examines the report and grants the certification to the products. The products that are certified for FCC need to be affixed with an FCC logo along with other information such as trademark etc. The certifying agency also verifies the compliance of the products with the test reports and then only grants the certification for the products hence it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to choose a testing laboratory that used authorized equipments and procedures for conducting the test.

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