ISO 14046 Certification

The water management is a global concern and governments all over the world are trying to conserve and manage the water in better and better ways. It is the responsibility of the government to address the problem of water wastage and conserve water for a better future. The scarcity of water also need to be addressed seriously all across the globe. This is why, the governments emphasize on implementation of proper systems and standard to conserve the water resources. The ISO 14046 Certification gives a standard that helps in establishment of the systems that are capable of efficient water conservation. The ISO 14046 Certificate is meant for the businesses to adopt best business practices and effective management of resources, assessment of risks that efficiently facilitates the better water management. In this way, the problem of water scarcity can be alleviated and helps in achievement of the goals of sustainable development of United Nations Organization.

The ISO 14046 accreditation provides the basic principles, guidelines ad requirements that are related to the water footprint assessment of products, organizations and processes involved in an organization on the basis of life cycle evaluation. When a company fulfills the ISO 14046 Certification requirements, then it is able to conduct and report the assessment of water footprint as a standalone assessment.

Additionally, it is also possible to include it in the comprehensive assessment of environment health.
During the ISO 14046 Certification process, only the air and soil emission that impact the water quality, are assessed instead of all the emissions from the company. The water foot print helps the companies in identification of the amount of water consumed in the manufacturing of the products as well as on the personal basis. In this way, the people of the society as well as the business can contribute towards the ultimate goal of water conservation and the linked uses of water. Every drop of water along with its usage is analyzed and judged for better and efficient use. The standard helps in keeping the track of the water used and water wasted so that wastage of water could be minimized. With the help of the framework, guidelines and instructions, the companies can easily assess the water footprint and ana;yze the usage and wastage of water in the company processes.

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