ISO 4427-1:2007 certification

The ISO 4427-1:2007 is one of the most prevalent quality standards that is used in the field of polymers. The standard is meant for the quality assurance of the polyethylene piping systems that are mainly used for the conveyance of the water that is further used for the human consumption. The water that is conveyed through these pipes includes the raw water that so not treated as well the treated water. The ISO 4427-1:2007 certification gives the details for the parameters that are used for the testing purposes of the pipes as well. The ISO 4427-1:2007 certificate is normally applicable to the PE pipes, joints, fixtures, pipe fittings and so forth. Along with that, the standard is also applicable to the other materials such as mechanical joints and components.

The ISO 4427-1:2007 accreditation is needed for ensuring the best working of the components under various conditions such as maximum operating pressure and so forth. The standard specifies that the components must be able to operate on a maximum pressure of 25 bar along with an operating temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The International Standardization Organization as designed the standard and specified the different ISO 4427-1:2007 certification requirements that must be fulfilled by the manufacturers to ensure that the customers are provided the best quality of materials. The ISO 4427-1:2007 was prepared by the technical committee of the ISO that was meant for plastic pipes, valves, fittings and joints that are used for transit of the fluids in the industrial as well as domestic applications. There are was also a subcommittee that designed the standard specifically for water pipes and fittings.
The manufacturers need to ensure that they pass the ISO 4427-1:2007 certification process as the quality of the water that is used for the human consumption is very critical entity and its quality maintenance is very essential. The quality of the water is directly associated with the human health hence it must be ensured that its quality is not compromised during the transportation. The standard gives the details and guidance about the conformity of the products with the standard as well.

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