AS 9100 certification

The quality management of products and services can be a major factor that affects the success of the company with better achievement of financial goals and minimization of costing mistakes. One of the major culprits of causing loss to an aerospace industry is the rejected products, increasing complaints and many others. It is essential for the company to address he quality related issues of the company with proper approach. One of the best ways to handle the quality related issues is to establish a quality management system that handles all the processes and tasks that are essential for better quality assurance of the products. The AS 9100 certification is one such standard certification that helps the aerospace companies to establish an effective quality management system that helps them in ensuring the best quality of products delivered to the clients. AS 9100 certificate is a very advanced certificate for quality management system that is recognized by most of the leading aerospace companies worldwide.

The AS 9100 accreditation allows the companies to implement a common quality management system that is efficient in handling all the quality related issues in the aerospace industry. The standard is not only applicable to the companies but also to the factors involved in the supply chain of the aerospace industry as well.  The quality management system prescribed by the standard can be applied in the aerospace companies to all the departments such as designing, manufacturing, quality check, maintenance and distribution. There are numerous benefits of fulfilling the AS 9100 certification requirements such as reduced rejections, and increased cost efficiency of the products.

Here are some of the benefits for the companies for passing the AS 9100 certification process.

1.    It helps in getting the trade license from the authorities which makes it essential for the aerospace companies to obtain the certification.
2.    Reduction of fatal mistakes and product failures.
3.    The company that ahs this certification, gets easy listing in the Online Supplier Information System database.
4.    Increases the confidence of customers and stakeholders in the company.
5.    Increases the scope for continual improvement of the processes and helps in winning international business as well.
6.    Reduced cost of manufacturing due to decreased products failure and quality defects in products.

With this certification, the manufacturers can be confident about the quality of their products which helps in achieving better level of customer satisfaction.

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